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A Touch of Old-School Craftsmanship with Todays Latest Technology

Tampa Bay Awning Is Distinguished Above All Other Awning Companies. 

We use the finest craftsmen, state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and processes, with the most durable and longest lasting materials that are backed with a manufacturer’s WARRANTY.

Tampa Bay Awning combines its strengths to produce a competitive product in the marketplace. Everything is handled in-house through our licensed and insured team of professionals; design and engineering, permitting, graphics, and all phases of manufacturing and installation.

• Tig Welded Aluminum Frames with Capabilities of Welding Exotic Metals.

• Waterproof Heat Sealed Seams - Fabric & Vinyl Applications

• Tenara life time thread for all sewn areas of awnings.

• Wrinkle Free Awning Covers

• Custom Graphics - Sunbrella Heat Transfer Graphics with Digitally Printed 3M High Performance Vinyl for All Applications.

• Stainless Steel Fasteners & Aluminum Brackets


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