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Affordable home accessory that will enhance a beautiful backyard, help to reduce energy cooling costs


Any size business can benefit from the addition of a well-planned and creatively executed commercial awning.


Tampa Bay Awning specializes in manufacturing only

the Highest Quality Awnings

We are a Family Owned and operated business with more than 30 Years of experience manufacturing only the finest awnings, following a quality process and using the highest quality materials to achieve beautiful and secure structures.

Commercial awnings and canopies enhance your company’s visibility and personalize the appearance of your building. Your awning is typically the first thing customers and clients see when approaching your business. A substantial, well-constructed awning with crisp, professional custom graphics says you mean business in a lasting and meaningful way.

Not only do they enhance and improve your property value, they also protect your customers and employees from rain, wind and sun. Awnings and canopies offer you shade and weather protection while creating an inviting atmosphere for your customers.

All Awnings Are Not Created Equal!  Every awning is custom manufactured to exact specifications to ensure structural integrity, clean lines and a perfect fit. Keep in mind that each project is fully adapted to the customer’s purpose, environment and design preferences. There are many things to consider to ensure you receive top quality and Tampa Bay Awning is your solution to execute your project in timely and in a professional manner.

Tampa Bay Awning has many different styles of awnings to choose from.  We MANUFACTURE the following types of awnings:

Shade Structures, Cantilever Canopies, Louvered Metal Awnings, Pergola Awnings, Aluminum Trellis, Aluminum Canopies and Awnings, Traditional Fabric Awnings – Canvas Awnings.

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